Thursday, 29 September 2011

Embroidered Pouch

Don't you love how some projects evolve.
I found a very cute embroidery template here and embroidered it using red thread.

Then I sewed it into a pouch (an adaption of this pattern).

I loved the embroidery; loved the combination of vintage fabric and green lining; loved the pouch design but was only pleased, not thrilled with the finished item. It just somehow didn't seem to work all together.

Back to the drawing board....
I found some green embroidery thread in the bottom of my sewing box and tried again.
Can't see it? - No, neither could I!
Again I was disappointed, the green thread just didn't show up against fabric.
Second attempt aborted.

Finally, I searched high and low and found a scrap of light coloured fabric suitable for the embroidery. Here's attempt number 3:

Did you notice the best bit?

LOVE my new labels (more on them in another post!)
And the worst bit...

I can't believe that I ruined all that hard work! 
I was really really pleased with the finished result, but was suddenly hit by a bout of (very uncharacteristic) perfectionism. This led me to give the embroidery a wee iron just to get rid of any wee wrinkles that may have occurred when turning the pouch the right way out...

AAAARGH! I singed the fabric so it now its all blotchy... GUTTED!!!!  Maybe I could tea stain the whole panel to make the colour look a bit more even. Maybe that would make it look even worse. I think I'll have to take a step back and decide what to do. Maybe I'll decide its not that obvious after all.

If it wasn't for this final drama, I'd be absolutely thrilled with the finished article. For the moment frustration and disappointment are winning the day, hopefully this will diminish with time.

For more creative people who don't botch up all their hard work, go here


  1. Oh no, the last minute botch-up! I've done that a few times - I singed an embroidery and I melted/shrunk a stray bit of fabric in an apron I was giving to someone, and a quilt for me.

    With the singing, google that because I'm sure there are things you can try to minimise the appearance - I can't remember what they were but I'm sure I looked them up when I did it!

    It's very cute though, and the green embroidery definitely fits in better than the red.

  2. But its oh so cute and I LOVE the label ~ Lisa at Lydias Treasures has her own labels too - I want to make some!! !! !! cute xxx

  3. I slightly 'over ironed' an apron I made last night and googled it to find that if you soak a clean light cloth in vinegar (I just used table vinegar) place it over the area and re-iron with a warm iron it does help ALOT. I did it 5 or 6 times and can no longer see the mark. My apron does smell of vinegar now though!

  4. It is lovely... and the iron mark wasn't obvious until you pointed it out.

  5. I have so done that before! But you should be proud of the finished product, it really is lovely despite the singe:) Cyndy

  6. Can I just say - LABELS!!!! Wow. You are SO cool. I worked in a very, very expensive womenswear shop once and I did that to a very expensive shirt - need we say again - irons are power tools they should be left to men!!!!! x

  7. O well at least you can add that to your list of things you've learned along the way.
    I admire all people who can do what you do by the way!

  8. I still like it alot! Extra character I say! Where oh where do you get the cute labels from?

  9. Oh-no! I'm sure you will think of some way to re-make it!
    Love the labels!! Where did they come from!
    Hannah xx

  10. Love your embroidery! I agree, the green suits the pouch. You've made a great pouch, despite the small mishap.

  11. Thanks for linking up. Did you end up using the red embroidery on another pouch?


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