Monday, 19 September 2011

Buttercup Buttercup!

Ok, I admit it! 

I MAY be a bit obsessed with making buttercup bags at the moment. 
I made another of the larger versions, and I really really love it!

I made the improvements that I suggested after I made my first enlarged buttercup bag and also added a zip pocket on the inside.
The only thing I don't like about it is the green zip that I used for the pocket.
(It was the only one that I had.)


  1. Yeah - nothing wrong with a small obsession ::))

  2. You have been very busy sewing up a storm..... love the large buttercup bag version! I have made the original.. and although I love it, it would definately be handy on a larger scale. Also love the pencil case you made - perfect!

  3. I love buttercup bags! Thanks for the tips on making the bigger ones stronger!

  4. Looks beautiful! I could get easily obsessed with them, too. New follower here from More the Merrier Monday.

  5. awesome - now you'll be the crazy zip hunter when you go op-shopping!!


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