Monday, 5 September 2011

Box Pouch

Can I have an "awww"?

How cute is this box pouch that I just made?
I love it! 

It was made using this tutorial.  I'm definitely going to have to make some more.

What I love the most about this box pouch is the inside. Most of the tutorials that I have found for similar pouches have had ugly unfinished edges on the inside, but not this one. Its neat and tidy and looks great!

Challenge #47- (Make a box pouch)- COMPLETE


  1. Awwww you're on a creativity flow at the moment - look at you churning out all these makes!

  2. You've got an Awwww from me too! Thanks for the link, thats a great way to do the box pouch. And this is one of those items on your list I have been wanting to make :)) They would make great knitting project bags.... what are you using yours for?

  3. Love it! I've had that tutorial bookmarked for a while now, I just haven't gotten round to using it yet.

  4. I love it- so clever! Thanks for the tutorial, can't wait to make one

  5. It looks fab :) Mine never turn out quite right, the dimensions always come out a bit funny! May try the tutorial you linked to though, looks better than the one I've used before

  6. It turned out awesome!! Thanks for sharing the great (super helpeful) tutorial too!

  7. What were the final dimensions on this once it was finished? :)

  8. Em, I can't remember if I followed the dimensions precisely (I THINK I did), but mine has the following dimensions:
    Length= 6.5 inch
    Height= 2.5 inch
    Depth= 4 inch

  9. Awwww from me!!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Great fabric choice!!!

    1. Hi Juliet, I've featured your box pouch today...


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