Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Box Pouch Pencilcase

By now you'll have realised that the first time I try a pattern, I follow the instructions and measurements exactly. The next time I play...

I made this box pouch using some beautiful mexican oilcloth fabric that I won a while ago in a giveaway from I Just Love that Fabric.  As I am intending for this pouch to be used as a pencilcase for Rascal, I increased the length.

Oilcloth is not the easiest fabric to work with. If you use pins, you need to do this where the holes won't be seen. It can also be difficult to sew the shiny side of the fabric using a sewing machine, but this is easy to fix by either laying a sheet of tissue paper between the presser foot and the fabric or by putting a piece of masking tape on the bottom of the presser foot- EASY! (I tried both of these techniques and they both work but my favoured option is the masking tape.)

... and the thing that I forgot (I always become over confident the second time that I make something and make a silly mistake). I forgot to add the tabs at the ends of the zipper. Not the end of the world, but they would definitely make the zip easier for a toddler to open and close.


  1. Look at you - you clever thing xxx
    This is seriously gorgeous

  2. Nice pencil case & I like the masking tape tip - really good to know as I have some oil cloth in the fabric stash, yet to get too : )

  3. If you're going to be using fabric like that often, I'd recommend investing in a walking foot for your machine. I got mine cheap from Trade Me (just make sure it's one that suits your machine).
    They're also great when sewing lots of layers as it stops the top layer creeping forward as they do!

  4. very nice. You are so good at crafting. I wish I was half as creative x


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