Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What I've been up to...

With all the snow that we've been having these last few days, its been a good chance to get down and do some serious sewing, but for all that I have done lots there is not much new and exciting to show you.

There are a couple more bandana bibs made (very handy when another two teeth have popped up in the last two days and one more is looking VERY imminent!)
A few more crayon rolls (the majority made for small crayons, but one successfully altered for larger crayons- I must admit that the large one is my favourite, so next time that crayons are on sale, I'll be stocking up!)

There are also a couple more exciting things in the pipelines. I will share them as and when they are completed...


  1. I just knew snow was a good thing! Not only is it pretty but it also allows sewing time :)
    Hope you're keeping warm xxx

  2. My sister said that there were even a few snow flurries in Auckland..amazing!

  3. ooooh tease! So intrigued :)
    love your latest projects!


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