Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm Loving Fabric and Perfect Timing

I must admit to being a bit disappointed on Monday and Tuesday that there was a 40% off sale at Spotlight and we were snowed in (imagine the frustration)! Little did I know that the store was shut and the sale was postponed.

On Wednesday I heard that the sale was still on, but I had no chance of getting there.

On Thursday, I popped into Spotlight after bloggy coffee on the off chance that the sale was still on. Just as I was being served there was a large discussion between the shop assistants. Some were adament that the sale wasn't running any more, others thought it was. I was very very pleased to hear the supervisor say "our priority is to look after the customer, the sale is on for all Spotlight card holders". 

YAY!  Perfect timing!!! 

(I MAY have quickly run around the shop collecting a few extra bits and pieces...hee hee)

Also loving random acts of kindness. Today while out and about, I witnessed two in quick succession. The first was in a carpark where a lady stopped her car and got out to offer assistance to another lady who had lost a bottle of coke under her car. The second was in a shopping centre, where an old man stooped over and picked up a cane for an old lady who he obviously didn't know. Small acts of kindness but thoughtful and enough to make people smile. It certainly made me smile.

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  1. Yay for small acts of kindness by strangers.

    What a score you got by the sale still being on. Lucky you!

  2. Oh yeah - totally loved the spotlight sale (as you would know)!!!!

  3. That's lucky that you still got the sale price.... I wondered if they would postpone it.

    Love witnessing kindness like that, also enjoy being part of me warm fuzzies, even a smile to a stranger I reckon goes a long way.

  4. Great fabrics - I'm suprised at the supervisor's comments though (pleasantly suprised) but usually you don't get the feeling they want to go the extra mile or they care at all about retaining customers etc - SO glad for you I totally would have done some more stocking up too!

  5. some great pieces of fabric there. look forward to seeing what you make from them! The acts of kindness are always great to see x


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