Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Crayon Shavings Hearts

Another quick and easy project today. This time carried out with a bit of help from Rascal!
Please excuse the dirty windows and the sticky tape used to hurriedly stick these to the window!

A while ago, I read a post about crayon shaving hearts. I loved the idea and filed it away for a suitable moment. Today was that moment.
If you would like to make these too, you will need:
wax crayons
wax paper
a pencil sharpener or knife
a hairdryer or iron

  1. Using the pencil sharpener or knife, make crayon shavings.
  2. Lay a sheet of wax paper out on top of a sheet of newspaper (a layer of wax residue is produced when you apply heat, so its wise to protect your surfaces)
  3. Lay the crayon shavings in a THIN layer over the wax paper
  4. Cover the wax shavings with another layer of wax paper
  5. Fold the edges of the wax paper together to keep the wax shavings from blowing away
  6. (This is where I altered the method) Aim a hair dryer set to its hottest setting at your wax paper and shavings. Watch as the wax melts and spreads. It doesn't get too hot, so you can use your fingers to help spread the wax and get rid of air bubbles if you like. (The original method says to use an iron to melt the shavings- I am firmly of the opinion that irons and toddlers do not mix, I prefer not to even have toddlers in the room when the iron is on!)
  7. Draw the shapes that you want to create. We used a fine pencil to carefully draw around heart shaped cookie cutters and then cut round them with scissors.
  8. The edges of some of the hearts split open slightly when they were cut, so we lightly heated them again with the hairdryer to seal them properly (this step is optional).

You now have beautiful wax shavings hearts. Do with them what you will!
I intend to make a mobile from these ones, but I am thinking that we may repeat this project in a few weeks time and make a stained glass window effect fathers day card.


  1. this is really cool - have you seen the one where you hang the crayons on the window in summer and just wait - my description is no good - I shall find the link and send it to you LOL
    pretty pretty pretty

  2. Here you go


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