Friday, 1 July 2011

Tea Towel Swap

Look what arrived in the post! 

Amy of Mahlimoo. thoroughly spoilt us with the package that she sent as part of the Tea Towel Swap. Inside there were three little parcels.

In my parcel there was a vintage tea towel and two knitted cloths.

In wee man's parcel there were a couple of appliqué bibs

And for Rascal there was a cute hairband and a pencil roll.

Amy, thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into the swap. We love everything that you sent and will enjoy using them.

A huge thank you also goes to Leonie for organising a great swap.


  1. wowsers you got spoilt!! yay!!!
    LOVING that vintage tea towel How cute is that!

  2. WOW what a generous gift to receive - I too was spoilt by the lovely Leonie (my partner) ::))
    Twas a GREAT swap as postage wasn't outrageous.

  3. Oh, how cute is that tartan tea towel! What a great little bundle you got! :)

  4. Awesome bundle of gifts!

  5. That was a fun swap! What treats as well.

  6. So glad you loved all your gifts Juliet!

    I enjoyed making them. And hunting down the vintage tea towel.

    Love all your photos too.

  7. cool - good treats!

  8. What a lovely swap ... you certainly did well with all your wonderful packages! :)


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