Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Snow Days

Yesterday, when we woke the world was white.

It was the first time that we had had snow outside our front door since moving to New Zealand over 5 years ago. Rascal marvelled at the beauty.
But when we went outside to play, she was initially not too impressed! We had to abort snow play due to tears after about 5 minutes- I was VERY disappointed!

When Hubby got home from work early in the afternoon, Rascal had just finished telling me "No like the white Mummy, no like the white!".
Hubby's a bit stubborn though so he wrapped Rascal up in warm clothes and the two of them headed outside again. A good hour later, after having created 2 snowmen and 1 snow angel (performed by Rascal), they both returned inside with rosy cheeks and big grins on their faces.

This afternoon, Rascal surprised me by asking to go out and play in the snow again. Who was I to refuse?
The snow is GREAT for making snowmen!

Rascal cuddling her new seasonal friend
Not only that, but she then asked Hubby to go out and play with her in the snow when he came home.
It just goes to show that a little bit of perseverance pays off!

And look what I found poking though the thawing snow... beautiful!


  1. Glad she enjoyed it in the end! Riley surprised me and was straight in there stomping about and throwing snowballs (hes usually quite reserved when it comes to new things).

  2. That's cool, sadly it means we won't get out for a visit though - negotiating the roads is a bit much for a longer drive. Your snowmen are awesome!

  3. it's so pretty !! !!
    so glad rascal came around to the white stuff!
    love the snowmen - hope to build some with my children 'one day'

  4. Love it! :) Quality time with dad, beautiful.

    And love the daffy head poking through - is it that time already!? :D ICANTWAITFORSPRING!!!

  5. Pretty snow, awesome snow people and lovely little flowers :-)

  6. Oh wow, snow, yay!! I have those adventures where i suggest something, it's poo poo'd then when my husband does it, they're all having a ball. Love the snowman hug, too cute!! Love Posie


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