Monday, 4 July 2011

Part 2- A Birthday Present for a One Year Old

Here's the present that I ended up giving the one year old:

I found some yummy honeystick crayons tucked away in my gift stash and decided to make a pencil case to put them in. Its perhaps not the most inspired present ever, but I hope she likes it! I used cute girlie fabrics and appliqu├ęd a toadstool design onto it to. I also threw in a matching set of covered button hair clips and ponytail holder.

I decided that the oilcloth fabric on my chalk cloth placemats would be fine for older children, but is not suitable for a one year old. I will either give it to Rascal in the future or another older child.


  1. I love that pencil case... is there any chance you would do a custom pencil case for someone who asked nicely and provided all the materials for you? My oldest starts school in October and I'd love to get her something special to take to school with her :)

    we are in Christchurch too - it's nice to find another ChCh Mama's blog :)

    - Emma [from Musings of a Clothaholic]

  2. You've done a great job on that pencil case! Honeysticks..I love that name!


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