Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Baby Gifts

I have a few friends who are due to give birth soon, so I thought I would attempt to make some new baby gifts.

After spending many hours in the past stressing about finding the perfect baby present , I just decided to make something that I like. After all, what is PERFECT for one baby can be a waste of time for another...

I thought I'd make a little outfit consisting of a pair of baby trousers and an appliquéd onesie. I made a pair of newborn trousers using this pattern. (see I'm working up... dolls clothes, newborn clothes, maybe Rascal will get her dress before she's a teenager after all!)

Although I was pleased with the trousers, I realised that they are not a suitable present for a winter baby. The material is FAR too thin and what's the point in giving a present that will never be worn?

For my second attempt, I used this great corduroy. I became a bit more adventurous and added a pocket and binding using this tutorial. Just look at these cute trousers!

I then got into the swing of it and made some more... 

I have a question... would you put the red trousers on
a) a boy
b) a girl
c) the one with a pocket on a boy and the one with no pocket on a girl?
d) either because they are so darn cute!!!

The appliqué onesies will have to follow in a future post. I've got to be patient and wash them before I start sewing... grumble grumble... Check back here tomorrow when I hope to have something to show you!

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  1. c)

    I didn't often dress Philosopher or Tsunami in red when they were babies, however, the red teamed with blue is so lovely for a little man and the red is darling for a girl- do you have enough to make a matching headband?? Or do some pink applique??

  2. I'd go with d)
    My son has more red in his wardrobe than blue - I'm probably in the minority there though, but he just looks so much cuter in red!
    They are adorable little pants - your friends' new bubbas will look uber-cute :)

  3. Navy is totally in this spring at Pumpkin Patch for girls - so the patch ones would probably look great! And No qualms here about dressing boys in red. They need different things dont they! Everything they get is blue, green and orange. Same for girls - all they get is pink, purple and white.

    My girls due in a month and I got given a red suit which I LOVE and a turquoise jumpsuit which I ADORE.

    Different babys clothes is a breath of fresh air!! :)

    Love what you have done, keep it up, can't wait to see the onsies :)

  4. Loving the trousers... they look great :) I think red for the girl or boy and the mix for boy :) Looking forward to seeing that dress hehehe :)

  5. D! Then again I am star mad, I actually dressed my daughter in a lot of navy and red as a baby, still would now if I could find something nice. Where did you get the cord from? Perhaps I should get some and try something adventurous like a pinny

  6. Thanks for the feedback everybody, great to hear... Keep it coming (please!)

    Selena- the fabric was from Spotlight. Good luck with your sewing... If I can do it, you can too!!!

  7. That starry corduroy is beautiful! I'd put red and blue on boys or girls! So cute!

    Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! Hope you'll come back again next week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. Oh my goodness - so cute they make me want to have another baby! LOL
    I think C)... I was tempted to say otherwise. And really it depends on what you put on their top half anyway. Great job! Girls could just as easily wear ANY of the ones pictured to be quite honest. :) Does that help at all?

  9. they are lovely - i think red no pocket is girl-friendly and the others are very boy! super-boy but boy nonetheless!

  10. Adorable. I would love for you to stop by on Monday to link up your post and any other projects you would like to share.

  11. d! I love navy and red on girls and those trousers are just gorgeous!

  12. D - definately D. I love Navy and Red on Lala - in fact she is more a red girl than a pink girl. Interestingly pink was traditionally a baby boys colour and pale blue for girls up until the first world war. It was thought that red was a more masculine colour, and blue was gentler, dainter. Which reminds me I having a bit of a destash - I have some drill you may want (would be great for this pant style) - oh and while I think of it, you could always line the lighter pants in microfleece (ask me next time I see you, 'tis quite easy).

  13. I'd go blue and red for either boy or girl. Its one of my favourite combinations. (Plus I hate pink!)

  14. Navy is definitely in for baby girls at the moment. Red has always said BOY to me, but I would put any of those pants on boys or girls. They look fantastic!

  15. These are soooo cute!!
    I dress both my girls in red & navy regularly! I think with a cute girly onesie (girly as in picture & design rather than other colours) this outfit would definitely be suitable for a gorgeous wee girl bubba as well as just boy bubbas.
    Great job :)

  16. D! I think the colors you picked will work well with either a boy or a girl. Visiting you from the Creating Success Around the World blog hop!


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