Friday, 8 July 2011

Coin purses

Is it just me who can't believe its Friday already... WHERE DID THAT WEEK GO? Finally for the first time this week, (with one child at preschool and the other one far away in the land of nod) I have found a relaxed moment to craft and blog.

Firstly to disappoint a few people. Thanks to all people who offered to take my friends bag if she didn't like it. SHE LOVES IT! She was on the phone the moment that the postman left, thanking me for it.

The good news is that I have enough fabric to make not one but three more bags (yay!) These are all cut out and ready to be sewn together.

After cutting them out, I realised that I still had plenty of scraps of fabric left, so each of the remaining bags will be accompanied by a small coin purse. What do you think of these? Cute eh!

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  1. Lovely! You've used the pattern on the fabrics really well.

  2. To cute! I love the colours.

  3. great idea to use up your scraps... very cute little coin purses :)

  4. This week has gone super dooper fast and finishes with smiles :)
    LOVE the coin purses :)
    Nope not a lot of time for crafting in the sick household

  5. Yes! This week has gone crazy fast! I'm glad your friend liked her bag. Cute coin purses too :)

  6. I agree - the week went way too fast!

    Love the purses.
    Great fabric.


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