Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm Loving...

I'm loving having the confidence to play around with patterns. Just look at this little purse that I made to go with the pouch that I made yesterday. I love it! Its so much fun trying to improve on the mistakes that I made the first time round.

I'm loving playing around with scraps of fabric and felt. Here's a little something that I threw together the other night..

I'm loving this blogger's wicked sense of humour (oh and you've got to read Widge's comments on that post... priceless!)... We're right there with you Angela! I think I might have to print your freebie and hang it above the toilet!

Striking Keys: Potty Training
There are times when you've got to keep laughing, smiling and giving all the encouragement you can muster (to Mum and child!). I'm discovering that toilet training is definitely one of them! That said, I am loving the pride that Rascal is taking in visiting the toilet and the smile on her face when she has success.

We are incredibly proud of you Rascal!!!

Joining in with Paisley Jade again, please hop over and see what everybody else is loving this week...


  1. Honey that heart is just toooooooo adorable and if you are ever needing a home for it I know a Santa Sack that would love it !! !!
    LOVE the pouch and the purse but babe that Heart has won me over!

    Keep Calm and Potty On xxx

  2. hahahah I love that sign!! Could have totally used that a few months ago when I was potty training. Ack - glad it is over (till next time...)

    And go you with all your little purses! You are definitely on a roll. I promise you you won't know yourself once you get the hang of rotary cutting!


  3. That is very cool - your sewing is fantastic! Truly it is.

  4. Love it all, hearts like this are my weakness, so lovely...I have been avoiding zippers after a bad experience in highschool home ec(a long time ago). A purse or pouch is right up my alley though, so you have inspired me, thanks x

  5. Hi! Your pouches are beautiful! How amazing to see snow in July when we have just too hot weather in Greece!


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