Friday, 15 July 2011

I'm Loving... Lemons!

How amazing are these lemons which we were given by a friend? 
 So incredibly juicy and very tasty. 
What better excuse to do some yummy baking?
I got a bit carried away, so not only did Rascal and I make lemon drizzle cake (a tried and tested recipe in this house)...

... but we also made Lemon Lovers slice for the very first time.

I had read this post about Lemon Lovers slice a while ago and stored it away in the back of my brain. It sounded SOOO good, and guess what. IT IS! Thanks Jaz for the recommendation (oh and yes I did stop and take a sniff at the recommended time and it smelt DIVINE). 

Oh dear, sitting here writing about it is making me feel hungry, I might have to go and find myself another piece (don't tell hubby!).

Why not pop over to Paisley Jade and see what everyone else is loving this week



  1. Yum, I love anything with lemons in it.... whenever we are up in Auckland at mums, we take back a huge bag full of lemons with us.. yum yum yum! :)

  2. Yum! I love lemons. DP's parents have a huge lemon tree and there always giving us lemons when we see them.

  3. YUMMMMMMMMMY we love lemons here too!
    Your baking looks simply divine

  4. Lemons are soooo good to bake with!!

  5. Oh they do look yummy! I love a good lemon cake!

    I was wondering if you would like to be featured on week on our Creaing Success Worldwide blog hop. As the Australasia host - I've so far only shown Australian crafters - and it would be nice to cross the sea and showcase some talent in New Zealand!

    Let me know if you would be interested and I'll send you the details!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Baking with lemons is the BEST - yum indeed!

  7. I have lemons coming out of my ears at the moment so I am defainlty going to give that slice a whirl! Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Ha - you totally put me in the mood for lemons today and I made lemon muffins! Thank-you, hadn't had them for ages and they were tasty!

  9. Yay, love lemons, i squeeze them in our orange juice, with a dash of lime, why not when you're squeezing away!! Recently visiting my parents, they have an impressive lemon tree, our children managed to smuggle a dozen lemons into the car. Love Posie

  10. Never been a fan of lemony puds but that lemon slice looks delicious!


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