Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Good Intentions Tuesday

Miriam of Make it Give it is asking people to join her and Debs in finishing off their half finished good intentions. It sounded like a good idea, so I thought I'd join in with the fun.

Here it is, my list of projects that I have started on with good intentions which have been languishing around the house in an unfinished state for some time.

1. Replace the Velcro on at least 5 cloth nappy covers. (Tough sewing which is boring & requires a thimble, once finished it is pretty rewarding. I have managed about 5 in the past, but got bored and fed up and gave up...)

2. Sort through wee man’s clothes and put them all in his bedroom (some are still on a shelf in our room from the time before his bedroom was finished)

3. Photograph and list Rascal and Wee Man’s baby things on trademe
4. Make a dress for Rascal (I bought the fabric for this over a year ago and am too afraid to cut it in case I muck it up!)

5. Make some finger puppets for my nephew. I meant to do this for his birthday in April, but never got around to it. As you can tell from my blog, I like to try new things all the time and get a bit bored making the same thing too much. Once a creative phase is past, I don’t like to go backwards so finding the motivation for this task up is proving a bit difficult!

6. Go through the toy box and get rid of toys that are no longer played with. Perhaps set up a rotation system for toys if I’m feeling really inspired!

7. Sew/ iron name tapes onto Rascal’s preschool clothes (yet another boring sewing task for which I lost inspiration halfway through!)

8. Finish the three additional buttercup bags and matching coin purses that are all cut out and ready to go.

9. Investigate the various half finished embroidery projects which I started YEARS ago and see if I still have enough thread to finish them off!


I am sure that there are a few extra things which should be added to this list, but these will keep me going in the meantime! I don't think these will be completed in any specific order, I'll just start and see where I end up...


  1. Yay!! Hopefully we get at least a couple of things off out lists. Thanks for joining!!

  2. Hurray for us! we will get some stuff done.

  3. Wow thats alot of good intentions, I wish you well... and go on cut into that fabric for Rascals dress... just make sure 'measure twice cut once' as they say :)


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