Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Good Intentions Tuesday - Week 2

A small amount of progress has been made on my good intentions this week.

In addition to her dresses, Yo Baby has gained a pair of tracksuit bottoms (I know! I know! Trinny and Susanna wouldn't approve of this makeover but if you ask me, every girl has got to have a pair of trackie bottoms for lazy Sundays lounging round the house!). Unfortunately I haven't got round to making her a top to go with them yet.

I have started sorting and photographing baby items for trademe, but so far nothing has been listed... I'll get there in the end. This is a big job!

Baby steps, but I'm slowly wading through my list. Hopefully I'll have more to show for myself next week... Pop over to Miriam's and see the impressive amount that she's got done this week!


  1. They're not track suit pants, they are lounge pants, bite that Trinnie & Susannah!! Love Posie

  2. I bet T and S own their own trackies and they wear them around the house at certain times of the month! Oh trademe organising it is massive!

  3. You know, when my kids were small I used to pat myself on the back if I just got the washing hung out and the washing up done in a day! Babysteps are good!


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