Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Good Intention Tuesday- Week 1

My first week of good intentions and I can knock two things off the list and add one thing.

I have successfully replaced the velcro on 5 nappy covers. I was initially a bit worried about doing this as I thought that by adding the velcro I would add lots of punctures to the PUL fabric which would in turn lead to either rips or leaks. I am glad to say that I managed to attach the new velcro without damaging the PUL at all. In a stroke of genius, I sewed the new velcro onto the edges of the old velcro. I really hope that this will give us another couple of years use out of these great nappy covers.

I also completed three extra buttercup bags and matching coin purses. These will make great presents for friends and family members. Two are already spoken for, I am still deciding whether to keep the final one for myself or give it to somebody else...

The extra good intention that I am adding to my list is to make some dolls clothes for Rascal. Recently Rascal's dolls are to be found dressed in Wee Man's or Rascal's clothes. I REALLY need to make some proper doll sized clothes for poor Yo Baby.

Why not pop over to Miriam and Debs' blog and see if they managed to complete any of their good intentions?


  1. Congrats on the productivity! Love the hand bags, you could always give one away to a lucky blog reader ;)


  2. Wowee you have been very busy. Love the fabric on the coin purse and handbag.


  3. I have a contact for knitted dolls clothes should you ever need it - she keeps Tsunamis dolls well dressed!
    Well done you for taking two things off your list ::))

  4. When I first started to make aprons I always kept one..then when I made another I liked the best it was going to be mine and I'd give the other one away! I still don't own one..maybe I should.

  5. Isn't it satisfying to finish things?! Your bags and coin purses look great.


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