Friday, 17 June 2011

Things are looking up!

Thank you all for your concern and kind words after my post about our poor wee earthquake traumatised Rascal. I really am incredibly grateful for all of your offers of help and refuge.

The good news is that  Rascal is getting better all the time. We have now found a tactic to get her to sleep without tears. As of Wednesday, there have been no tears either before her midday sleeps or night sleeps (YAY!). The idea came from a family friend who has brought up 3 boys, so today I am loving brainstorming mothers who support each other in times of difficulty and trauma.

... and our method... basically we read (you could say bore) her to sleep with a book that is slightly above her level. It may take time, but it feels great not to be traumatising her any further by either forcing her to do something that scares her or to cry herself to sleep. Rascal loves books and stories, so she is not complaining about these mega-storytelling sessions.  Her favourite story at the moment is the Christmas story and she loves finding Mary in the pictures. She had a great day at preschool yesterday (complete with a trauma-free sleep) so things seem to be on the up :-)

This week I want to take a moment to appreciate our resilient, brave, beautiful, cheeky, cuddly and bright wee girl. We are so proud of the way you are bouncing back from these scary experiences. We can't begin to imagine how this must be for a two and a half year old.

We love you Rascal

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  1. That is such a great idea, and I'm so glad to hear that there have been less tears. xoxo

  2. So glad to hear that you have found something that is soothing her to sleep... scary times for you and your family... take care xx

  3. Great idea - must be so scary for you all - lots of love xx

  4. Great Idea. I do the same with my girl when she is clingy. I bore her with a book and she is off to play! Glad she is better x

  5. Glad to hear things are improving. My littlies have started to settle back down too - except for the earth's wake up calls the last couple of days.

    Did you get to see the Nigel Latta TV program? The link to his website is

    Another good site (for school age children) is jojo's place

    Some of your other readers might find those resources helpful.

  6. So glad things are better with Rascal. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the shakes end soon and the good sleeping carries on :-)

  7. It is wonderful that you've found an answer to the sleep problem. I have thought of you often over the last week with all the quakes. Hugz.


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