Monday, 27 June 2011

Pleased (but a little bit disappointed!)

I finished it!
This is the circular needles knitting project that I showed you last week: a child sized top down bonnet.

The front
The back
The Verdict: 

Knitting quality: Getting better all the time. Still not beautifully smooth, but a definite improvement on previous projects. Maybe its time to get started on a bigger knitting project...

The wool: The previous beanies that I knitted for Rascal and Wee Man were knitted with beautiful quality merino wool left over from Wee Man's blanket. This project was knitted using a ball of wool that I've had for ages. I notice that when Rascal wears it, she regularly scratches so I wonder how popular this hat will become. It is possible that it will be known as the scratchy hat in the future!

What I learnt: As usual with knitting projects, google and you-tube were my friends. With their help, I interpreted the abbreviations in the pattern, learnt how to use circular needles and mastered several new stitches.

The disappointment: I didn't have enough wool left to knit the cute ears that are optional to the pattern. Rascal would have loved an animal hat, but I guess what she doesn't know won't hurt her!

The confession: (Yes, I said I'd share all details of the project.) Imagine me sitting frowning in concentration, tongue poking out the corner of my mouth as I manipulate my knitting needles. So busy thinking about whether to increase or not that I accidentally knit my stitch maker into the weave. I only noticed a whole row later and as taking stitches back generally leads to me having to unravel everything, I decided to accept the mistake and cut the maker out at the end. Thank goodness that I've got plenty of stitch markers!

The proof... oops!


  1. Well done you xxx
    I haven't mastered circular needles yet - having just passed the knitted dishcloth stage

  2. Brilliant! Congratulations on your accomplishments!! Circular needles are a pain in the bum!

    Good knitting patterns are sooo hard to find. I feel like i've been trawling through Ravelry this last week and still have only found one of two that I like. And then I wont have the wool already or the needles. So frustrating!

  3. gorgeous! Love the colour...sigh, wish I could knit.


  4. I think its very cute! As for the ears, why not make them in another color, then add some matching pom poms in that color to the ends of the tie under the chin? I bet it will look super sweet! And no one will know you ran out of the main color :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment the other day, sorry it's taken me an age to get back :) Take care, Sarah

  5. You could always knit the ears a different colour? Lovely work.

  6. It sucks when you run out of wool, doesn't it? It looks very cute though, even without the ears


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