Thursday, 23 June 2011

IF this works...

... you are allowed to be impressed!!!

My first time knitting on circular needles and I'm not using one but two!!!

So far it seems to be taking shape nicely and I have only once got confused and knitted onto the wrong needle (oops!)

Disaster or not I'll share the result, so watch this space...

Incase you're curious, this is what I'm supposed to be knitting.
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  1. can't wait to see what it is, maybe a hat for yourself?

  2. I wish you lots of luck! I haven't tried circular needles yet (still a bit scared) so I am very impressed!

  3. Good luck - I just tried circular needles for the first time and got into all sorts of bother. Think I prefer straight needles!! Can't wait to see what you're making though!

  4. Well done you xxx
    Knitting scares me full stop LOL let alone adding circular needles into the equation

  5. Good luck on that cute hat!

    2 circular needles! You must be a natural if you can pull that off! :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog x

  6. very cute pattern - good luck! Maybe tie a different colour thread at the bottom on one side so you remember which way round to go? Is it knitted in 4ply or 8 ply wool?

  7. SERIOUSLY impressed! on earth?!
    LOVED reading your homage to Christchurch....New Zealand is a land that has pulled my heart for a looong time...seeing your photos only pulls me more. Beautiful post to share :)x

  8. Looks good so far! Hey I have just awarded you a Blog award! Check out my blog. Bx


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