Sunday, 26 June 2011

Felt beads

I was searching for creative ideas at the library the other day when I came across this book:

In among the many projects (the majority of which are high above my ability level) I discovered the idea of making felt beads.

An initial search of my sewing box has not yet turned up a tiny needle to thread the seed beads onto, so its fairly time consuming to make these at the moment. It may take some time before I have enough to make any jewellery, but in the meantime here are my initial efforts...
Having fun experimenting with designs
What d'you think?


  1. I think something I threw in the Salvation Army box after my craft room clean out needs to be taken out and sent to you xxx
    These are FAB darling

  2. these are such a good idea. Would make a great embellishment. You are so good with crafts!!

  3. what a great idea, they would also be great for kids play necklaces too! :)


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