Monday, 6 June 2011

Ecobubs... The Snuggliest, Bestest Night Nappies!

You know how this blog was originally called Craft and Nappies, but I never wrote about nappies?... Well I thought it was finally time for a nappy post. 

You see I've just got to share about THE BEST night nappies that I've found. 

When it comes to cloth nappies, I generally use the least glamorous of the Modern Cloth Nappies - the prefold. In my opinion this is a largely under-rated nappy which is looked down upon by many nappy retailers. I have persuaded many of my friends to use them (a couple of them even changing from pocket nappies to prefolds) and we are all really pleased with them. 

The prefold is a great and versatile nappy. If you get a leak, just fold the nappy a different way and solve the problem. It is also generally a lot cheaper than most other Modern Cloth Nappies. 

That said, it was just not good enough for my wee man at night and even when he was only 3 or 4 months old we were having to give him a night nappy twice the size of his big sisters and were STILL getting leaks!

Enter the Ecobubs pocket nappy...

How cute is that?
Now I had been eyeing these nappies up for a while, but they are not the cheapest nappies on the market (rrp. $44.50 for a night-time pack which includes 2 large microfleece inserts and a wool cover). With money tight, I was worried that I might spend the money and still have a little boy who was wetting through his night nappies.  

And then, a miracle happened, I won an Ecobubs Wool Pocket Night-time Pack.

The nappy cover consists of a beautiful quality wool outer, a layer of waterproof PUL fabric and a layer of soft microfleece that sit against baby's skin. The wool layer offers warmth in Winter, coolness in Summer, an extra barrier against leaks and breath-ability. The inserts are large and made of microfleece, they fold over and snap together to aid in quick drying time. I must admit that I do still put in a bit of an extra booster, but compared to what I was putting in, the nappy is positively TINY!

I was given excellent sizing advice and the customer service has been outstanding. From the first night that wee man used the Ecobubs night nappy, the results have been amazing. In the morning he has a nappy that is bone dry on the outside but very wet on the inside (just the way it should be!). Not a leak in sight! He also has no nasty red marks around his legs where the elastic has cut in.

If you are having problems with cloth night nappies and are on the verge of giving up and using the dreaded disposables, I urge you to give Ecobubs a go. I promise you won't regret it! 

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, ecobubs nappies are made in New Zealand, so you are supporting fellow Kiwis.

I received no incentives from Ecobubs to write this review, I am only doing so because I want to share about this wonderful product and save others from having soggy children, soggy bedding and lots and lots of frustration!!!


  1. We love Ecobubs nappies too. We haven't used them overnight, but during the day they are a defiant fav. We alternate between Baby Beehinds, Itti Bitti, Mandy Macs and ecobubs.

    I will admit to disliking prefolds. I do understand why you like them... but I just haven't liked using them past the newborn stage.

  2. Congratulations on your win! I haven't used prefolds but I've used flats and they are largely underrated, too. I found them very easy to use and very adjustable.


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