Tuesday, 21 June 2011


 We have a family of beanies now...
 ... but wait...
there's one missing...
Wee man has a stripy beanie, Rascal has a purple beanie, hubby has a black beanie...
Where's my beanie?
Time to get the knitting needles out again?

Hubby's commissioned beanie- complete


  1. yes time for some selfish knitting :) love the stripey beanie, nice colour combo.

  2. Okay so I can knit dishcloths - do you think I could graduate to a beanie?
    I too don't own one LOL
    But I made myself a quilt - that was a first - everyone else has them now I do too ::))

  3. We could do with these three beanies right now. It has been freeeezzzzing!

    Love them.

    Kellie xo

  4. sweet - love the long beanie for baby What colour will your one be?


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