Monday, 20 June 2011

Another couple of challenges complete.

I was just looking through my list of challenges and realised that I have completed a couple more almost without realising it!

Challenge number 18 (invite the neighbours around for coffee and a get-together) has been completed and relations with them are so good that they babysat for me last weekend while I attended a yummy dessert party.

Challenge number 17 was to join and regularly attend a playgroup. I must admit that since wee man was born, we have not returned to the initial playgroup that we attended (I somehow never quite felt comfortable there). We do, however, continue to attend Kiwi Mums (which Rascal ADORES!) and have started to attend a Music group.

Each week at the music group, I wait to see which little girls or boys are going to come over and make friends with Wee Man. One week there was a very attentive 18 month old boy who kept on leaning over and kissing Wee Man on the forehead  (his mum was mortified and kept apologising, but it was unnecessary. The boy was doing no harm and Wee Man was happy with the attention). Another week a wee boy who could only just walk was magically drawn to wee man time after time (much to his Mum's amusement) and then last week a couple of three year old girls took great pleasure in rocking Wee Man in his capsule while he giggled away. Both Rascal and Wee Man are music lovers so they really enjoy attending the music group and Rascal participates fully with no prompting needed. There is an additional playgroup which I am tempted to join with wee man on a day that Rascal is at preschool, but I will just play that one by ear and see if it feels right for us.

In addition to these official groups, we have had various play dates with a wide variety of different friends. Life is not dull for me or the children!

Its funny because these are the challenges that were most important to me when I started this blog and they were the ones that I was most apprehensive about completing as my shyness stood in the way of their completion. That said, they have been completed with relative ease and at a time when there are a lot of difficulties and stresses surrounding us, I find myself in a far far happier place.

When I started this blog, I was lonely. I'm glad to say that this is no longer the case, I had made loads of wonderful friends and am thrilled that my children can hang out with their awesome children.

Challenge 18 - (invite the neighbours around for coffee and a get-together)- COMPLETE
Challenge 17- (Join and regularly attend a playgroup)- COMPLETE


  1. YEAH for you xxx
    I understand loneliness and shyness and sadly sometimes with one comes another.
    One thing that REALLY stood out for me being in Christchurch was just how genuinely caring the people are.
    Finding the 'right' group for you and the kiddies to attend to is sometime hard - it took me 4 music groups before I found the RIGHT one

  2. I agree with Catherines comment, it can take a while and few rotations of new parents to enjoy a playgroup... I used to enjoy one playgroup many years ago when my boys were little but last time I went with my lil girl, I abandoned it, because it was the wrong place for me... now I enjoy, on the odd occasion another group, which I feel far more comfortable in.

    Loved reading your challenges, it is a great idea... one that maybe I should adopt :) congrats for achieving so many of your goals!!

  3. what a sweet little blog... am now followig your adventures! I am too scared to join a playgroup but I really must, my little girl would love it and Id like to meet some fellow crazy mummies!

  4. Woo hoo, congrats on completing more challenges and so cool that you've made some great friends as a result :-) Hope you are all taking care down there

  5. Sounds like you've really found your stride, congratulations, love Posie


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