Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday- Toddler Skirt

I'm going to have to save this one till Christmas!

For those of you who have never been to New Zealand, the design on this tea towel is the flower of the Pohutukawa tree (otherwise known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree).

There are various tutorials for tea towel skirts to be found on the internet, but to be honest they are not really needed. It is extremely easy, just cut in half, sew down the sides and create a channel for the elastic along the top and thread the elastic through... VOILA!

I might add a pretty lace trim or something like that around the bottom of this skirt for that little bit extra. Rascal loves her skirt and I tried to get an action photo of her in it this morning, but unusually, she was not in the mood and all the photos were terrible.

CHALLENGE#33- make a skirt for Rascal- COMPLETE


  1. Cute skirt and what a great idea...

  2. You are doing so well. I'd be rocking it our now if it fit me! See you tomorrow!


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