Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday- Nappy Case

Having made a messenger bag* without any pockets the other week, I need something to help organise my bag a bit better. What better than a nappy case to keep all wee man's nappy bits and pieces together!

 This seemed like a great project to use a tea towel of great blogging provenance. It was originally Debs', but she had a big de-stash and gave it to Miriam, who in turn thought of me and handed it on. I hope you approve girls!

*Very excited that a lady who knows nothing about me and nothing about this blog complimented me on my messenger bag!
**In order to stop this from becoming a ridiculously long post, I have decided to do the Tea Towel Tuesday round-up next week.

Challenge #38 (Make a nappy wallet) COMPLETE


  1. Cute and works well with the dolphin print :-)

  2. How cute! The dolphin print works really well.


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