Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday- Its a wrap!

Much as I have enjoyed coming up with ideas for each weeks Tea Towel Tuesday, all good things must come to an end. I have decided that this will be my final post in the series (although I reserve the right to do an occasional tea towel post in the future if inspiration hits or I find a wonderful tea towel that's begging to be turned into something great).
A few tea towel goodies that I have made...
There are plenty of things that can be made with tea towels that I have not covered in my posts such as cushions, chair covers, travel wallets, wallets, toddler dresses. If you are even more adventurous you could even cover your soft furnishings with vintage tea towels!

I have to say that from a purely practical point of view my favourite creation has been the peg bag... it keeps my pegs in one place, intact and out of reach of Rascal! Hanging the washing has become SOOOO much quicker and easier when wanted, although I have the option to hang the bag low down so that Rascal can help!

The item that I am most proud of is without a doubt the messenger bag. Although I have to be careful not to overfill it, I have been using this as my day-to-day bag recently. It still amazes me that I managed to make it and I've had quite a few compliments from people who don't know that its my own handiwork.

The best result from the least effort was definitely the adult apron. Although having said that the plastic bag holder and toddler skirt were pretty simple too.

My least favourite tea towel creation is probably the toddler trousers. The reason for this is that I made them too tight so Rascal hasn't used them yet... maybe next Summer when she is (hopefully) toilet trained...

As I have said before, the secret to a successful tea towel creation is matching the right tea towel to the right project. The hardest tea towel to use was probably the one that I used to make the nappy case. In the end, I was really happy with how it turned out.

I can see myself making more of the tea towel tote bags. The pattern is really easy to follow and the result is really good.

Although Rascal loves her apron, this is another project that I am not totally convinced was a success. If I were to make another one, I would tweak the pattern slightly and I would probably use oilcloth or a similar fabric rather than a tea towel.
All in all its fair to say that the successful projects have far outweighed the disappointments. Another success has been the fact that several of you have indicated that you have bought tea towels in order to make your own tea towel creations. I'm glad to have been able to inspire you and I'd love to hear what you make!

I have really enjoyed the discipline of having a regular feature on my blog, so will have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a new feature... any suggestions?


  1. I received a childs apron in a swap that was made from a tea towel :)

  2. what a lovely series it has been. Am sure you will be putting your creative energy to equally interesting use in the future x

  3. It's been great seeing all your teatowel projects (and receiving one too!) looking forward to whatever you come up with next :-)

  4. I loved the series too. You inspired me to buy some lovely tea towels and I got my sewing machine out again. I just have to decide what to make now! Plenty of inspiration here, thanks.

  5. Your blog just makes me want to take out my sewing machine out again. It has been majorly neglected now that I don't need to sew any more nappies.

  6. Just found your blog through Mummy's Little Monkey blog hop and found your teatowel tuesday posts. Sorry they are now over but I have a plethora of tea towels that can now be put to good use. Thank you x


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