Friday, 20 May 2011

Rascal's loving...

... Tea parties.

Here is a rather grubby faced Kristal enjoying a peanut butter sandwich and a "cup of tea" followed by a mini muffin (feijoa flavour of course!). Rascal is the perfect hostess... "Have some more cuppa tea?"

I'm loving...

...that we are able to harness Rascal's love of tea parties to help her.

I think that I mentioned a few weeks ago that Rascal was waking in the night suffering from nightmares about earthquakes. Well we have developed a new nightly ritual. Each night before she goes to bed we make a list "happy things" that she can dream about. Tonight Rascal's list was "preschool, preschool friends, tea parties and cuddles" a few nights ago the list was "birthdays, candles, cake and cake!"*.

There are 2 good parts to this story. The first is that the night waking seems to be diminishing (don't want to jinx things by saying its completely over) and the second is that she got up the other morning and told hubby that she had dreamt of tea parties... how cute is that?!?

* Just to clarify, its months away from her birthday, but after being a bit scared of candles at her 2nd birthday, Rascal has now decided that blowing candles out is fun... In her book, all cakes now require candles (and cake itself is of course yum!) 


  1. what a lovely way to reassure and settle her. Hope all remains ok x

  2. Aww thats cute. Glad shes starting to come right with her night waking. Riley has a special bedtime friend who keeps the bad dreams away.

  3. What a beautiful way to take care of your sweet little one, they do hold onto their fears at times, you're doing a great job of keeping her safe & sound.
    Thank you for the little parcel of love in my letter box too, must post about it, what a lovely surprise. Thanks me lovely, love Posie

  4. What a lovely teaset! We love tea parties in our house too. Hope she gets through the night waking soon xx

  5. Too cute...tea parties are one of the best things to be able to share with your little girl, aren't they?? And they're something that we'll always be able to share with our daughters, too <3 <3 <3

  6. Love tea parties too! So cute :) Glad to see that you have found a great way to settle your daughter :)

  7. that's such a lovely idea to help her get through the night-waking - great to hear it seems to be working too!

  8. That is so sweet. I wish I could dream of tea parties!

    My hub and I are the same - we aren't allowed to EVER comment on a good sleep night because that will jinx us for sure.

    I just read your comment on my Difficult People post and it made me chuckle. I think there were quite a few readers like yourself who worried that just being a person who wants to make new friends makes you a 'Desperate Newcomer' - so not the case! I'm glad you've experienced one for yourself so you get what I mean now! VERY different to being friendly and wanting a new buddy!! x

  9. What a lovely idea talking about what she could dream about and pleased to hear that the sleeping is improving.


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