Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Creative Space

You may remember a wee while ago I showed you some hair ties that I had made. It was an experiment. At the time, I only bought the raw materials to make three covered buttons but I had the intention to buy more if I liked the results.... I liked them...

The other day an exciting package arrived filled with bits and bobs. I finally managed to find some time to play and look what I've created:

Butterfly hair accessories
Star hair accessories
Birdie hair accessories.

Would you buy a set of hair accessories like this or would you prefer the clips and the ponytail holders separately or even a set consisting of 2 clips and 2 ponytail holders?
Small or medium sized buttons on hairclips?
Would anyone be interested in buying any of these goodies if I put them on Felt?

I've also made covered button magnets and have a range of different fabrics that I want to try out. Which are your favourites?

Oh so many questions! All feedback welcome...

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  1. I love self cover buttons, yours look great.

    But be careful self cover buttons are addictive!

  2. They are all so cute! I like the bookmarks the best and might be tempted to buy them for little gifts for friends.
    The hair tie and clips sets would make great pressies for wee girls.

  3. Birdie hair ties are my fave!! and the clips, but hair ties are more practical in my house. These are awesome

  4. Oh these are so adorable.Really they are so cute.

  5. I am addicted to making fabric covered hair bobbles. I have even sold some on and to friends and family. You don't make much money off each one, so you need to sell lots if you are in it for the money. I just like making them.
    I buy other hand made hair bobbles all the time, as with two little girls, and me using them too, you can never have too many. Good luck!

  6. Love the bookmarks! i LOVE covered buttons :)

  7. They are lovely. They totally caught my eye on the creative spaces page today. I'd totally buy a pack.

  8. I like the bookmarks best, they'd make great magnets too.

  9. I think the set is a fantastic idea. I hairtie to tie up the hair, and complementing hair clips...perfect!


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