Monday, 30 May 2011

A Much Needed Break

We have just returned from a weeks holiday in Hanmer Springs. 
We had an amazing time. 
We shared the first half of the holiday with good friends from Wellington.We laughed and we talked and we talked and we laughed. It was SOOO good to spend time with them!

we played games

My friend and I relaxed with a wonderful hour long massage, and the whole family enjoyed a soak at the thermal pools.

Rascal took us on a tour of all the playgrounds of Hanmer Springs, and we enjoyed many woodland walks (with one child in the ergo carrier and one in the mountain buggy we can go just about anywhere!)
We revelled in the Autumn colours...

and I got artsy with the camera (as hubby put it!)...

It was a great and much needed break. I can't wait for our next holiday!


  1. Jealous! Glad you had a great holiday, awesome pics.

  2. Wonderful!! I was in Hanmer on Saturday! Small world...Or ... Small Canterbury ;)

  3. Awesome photos - sounds like a lovely break :-)

  4. Much needed breaks are good for the soul xxx Mine is in 10 days and I'm so excited xxx
    Oh dear 10 days I've got to finish your swap parcel eeekkk

  5. I could have done with a thermal pool experience myself over the last week as I have had a few aching muscles! The red toadstools are spectacular..I didn't know they grew in NZ.

  6. I clicked on your post through Blog Your Own Bloghorn expecting to read about the exploits of a Kiwi in Scotland. I keep forgetting that people sometimes go the other way too!


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