Monday, 9 May 2011

A handmade handbag!

I've been busy with another little project. It might look a bit familiar when I show it to you...

Did you recognise it?

Its these trousers that I bought from the op shop about a month ago.

I think this is my best creation yet (she says modestly!). It has my trademark wonky seams, but if we ignore that, we can see a zip pocket on the back

... and a couple of internal pockets.
 Not bad for an amateur eh!


  1. That is great. Not bad at all. Well done. And pockets too!

  2. Awesome - love it :-) Well done.

  3. Wow you are amazing !! !! I love love love it :)
    I spotted owls inside

  4. I am very impressed - think you might have to drop the amatuer title though!!!! You're getting to be pro!

  5. a lovely bag. Love the print


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