Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday- Messenger Bag

This weeks tea towel project has been my most ambitious yet. It involves 3 tea towels and some fusible interfacing.
Before starting, I read lots and lots of tutorials with instructions on how to make messenger bags and then I sort of fudged my own way through without measuring or having and exact plan. These are the tea towels that were used.

The main fabrics
The lining
Things that I learned:
  • The strap for a bag like this should be longer than the length of a tea towel.
  • I really should measure and be a bit more exact.
  • The pre-sewn hems of tea towels were actually a hindrance in this project. They led to very thick hems in places and these were difficult for the sewing machine. After 1 bent needle, 1 broken needle and many jams I decided to hand sew the straps on.
  • It is pure fluke that the design on the front is relatively symmetrical. Next time I should plan a bit better!
  • The flap has got interfacing on both the outer fabric and the lining. The body of the bag only has interfacing on the lining. Next time I will interface everything as the interfaced fabric is better to sew and is much stronger.
  • I suspect that I shouldn't over-fill this bag. It is probably too big for the strength of the fabric.
That said, have a look at the finished item... Not bad for a first attempt eh!?!

I think I'll regard this project as a valuable learning experience. That said, I fully intend to use this bag. I'm pretty sure that I will make more messenger bags in the future, hopefully with inside pockets and more details.

Christchurch bloggers watchout for this bag on the 5th! 

CHALLENGE# 40- Make a Shoulder Bag for me- COMPLETE


  1. wow amazing you are truly talented!

  2. it's awesome! love the colours :-)

  3. I love it! I love it even more because it cost so little.

  4. That's terrific. Hmm I wonder if I can manage that with my tea towel purchases...? (Probably not!)

  5. even though you had alot of challenges with this, the result is great. I love the mix of tea towels!

  6. This is awesome. Love the tea towels you picked.

  7. Thanks guys!
    I forgot to say that the main 2 tea towels were bought in a sale ($4 for the pair)- wish I had bought more...

  8. This is fantastic - you are amazing and inspiring! I agree, very resourceful! x

  9. wow, not what I was expecting. well done, great bag, the next one will be easier

  10. That is great - yay for you you are turning into quite the sew-er me thinks!


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