Wednesday, 27 April 2011


There are some gifts for which it is impossible to adequately say thank you. Like these ones:

The message on the quilts says:
Made with love in
response to earthquake
22- Feb- 2011
Fiona (London) & Cat (Auckland)
Quilts for Christchurch

It is hard to define all the emotions I felt on seeing the quilts: gratitude, awe, disbelief, amazement, humbled, loved and much much more. I was totally overcome by the beauty of the quilts, and was covered in goose pimples all day long by these wonderful gifts.

Rascal ADORES her quilt. When i gave it to her, I told her that if there were bangs or shake shake shakes (her terminology for earthquakes) and she felt scared, then she could wrap herself in her quilt and she would feel better. She gave me one of those very sage nods of the heads that only toddlers can give and I truly believe that she got it.

She then jumped up, dragged the quilt to her room and asked for help to put it on her bed. For ages, she just lay there on her tummy pointing at all the pictures saying "what's that?" (the question of the moment) and then answering her own questions "icecream, hefelent (elephant), horse, cat, dog, jack-in-de-box, moon etc..."

 Poor Rascal has been waking in the night a lot recently and when we go in to her she is sitting bolt upright and crying. When we talk about it, she mentions bangs and shakes. Hopefully the quilt will help her to feel safe again.

Thank you so much Catherine, Fiona and all the other generous and talented women who have donated to Quilts to Comfort Christchurch. These beautiful quilts will receive much love from my children and will be valued for years and years to come.



  1. What lovely gifts and what a gift for the makers to know they are so appreciated.

  2. Awwww big hugs for Rascal from Auckland .. .. .. I wish there was so much more I could do . . . Here is Fiona's blog - she co-ordinated Quilts For Christchurch from London for me . . .

  3. Wow!! So lovely and precious. What an amazing and generous thing to do. I know you guys will treasure them with all the love that they were made with.

  4. That is so awesome!! They are beautiful quilts. Hope they bring your 2 much comfort and joy xo

  5. How lovely. Beautiful quilts. So glad Rascal likes hers :-)

  6. how wonderful, may you treasure them for a long time

  7. Gorgeous quilts! Poor wee Rascal though, hope it helps her to feel safe again.


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