Friday, 29 April 2011

I'm Loving...

I'm still loving toddler talk!

Not all Toddler Talk fun results from mispronunciation. Sometimes, as this post will highlight it is about alternative naming.

In most houses this is known as a vacuum cleaner or the hoover:

Not in our house... Here its called "Mummy's Noise!!!"

And this is not for drying your hair:

Oh no! Its purpose is to "make noise in the hair!" You might guess from this statement that it would be hated, but on the contrary! Rascal deliberately lies down in the bath because she wants "Mummy to make noise in the hair!"

I'm also loving little boys who can roll! The smile of pride on his face when he reaches his tummy is PRICELESS! 

Pop over to Paisley Jade and see what everyone else is loving this week.


  1. hehe - I love cute things kids say!!

  2. Good on the wee man for rolling - clever boy! And love rascals name for things!

  3. haha, kids just have a way with words don't they!

  4. aww bless... kid's seem to have the best words to describe the most mundane things in life!!

  5. Ah, i just love the rolling baby pic- too cute x

  6. so sweet! and congrats on the little one rolling over now... x

  7. Hahahaha I especially love 'Mummys noise' - my 3 year old tells me to take my noisy machine somewhere else please if I vacuum while Dora the Explorer is on (how dare I right?!)


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