Saturday, 9 April 2011

I'm Loving...


In the words of Paisley Jade:
I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.
This week, I'm loving...
... My brave wee boy who even though he was suffering from ear ache and was in lots of pain, grinned and smiled at the doctor (leading her to believe for the majority of the appointment that I was a neurotic over-anxious mother). I would have preferred that my Mummy radar is wrong, but all that crying from my happy wee boy just wasn’t right. I’m so glad that we found the problem quickly and that he is back to his happy, cheerful self.

... This blog. I just love the concept of 1000 homes of happiness and have volunteered to "release" a home. The is the home that arrived a couple of days ago in a teeny tiny envelope. Just look how beautiful it is:

When you request a house, you can suggest a word that you think would be appropriate. As this little home is destined to be released in Christchurch, I asked for the word to be “BRAVE”. Any suggestions for where in Christchurch I should leave it?
If you would like to release a home too, go here and find the details. They are more than happy to send overseas and love receiving offers of help. I will keep you all posted as to where this home is released.
 And finally, I'm loving homemade hot cross buns! SOOO good and so much yummier than shop bought ones. These are going to disappear VERY quicky!!! (Look there is already one missing from the tin!)
Recipe here


  1. Super impressed at the hot cross bun making! Go you! Was STUNNED at the price of a 6 pack from Bakers Delight ($8.99!!!!) so making your won sounds like a great idea...

  2. wow - your hot crossed buns look so good!!! Loving the houses for Christchurch idea, and can't wait to see where your one goes.

  3. The hot cross buns look lovely! and well done on getting your son checked out. Mummy radar is very accurate so you were right to insist on having it checked! hope he gets well soon

  4. Working London Mummy- Thanks! Wee Man is doing great now. One dose of drugs and he was back to his usual cheerful self. I was beginning to doubt myself taking him to the doctors after only 1 or 2 hours but I KNEW he just wasn't right! I guess I have more confidence with this being my second child so could act nice and quickly...

  5. Yum I am loving the products of your kitchen just now. Very impressive indeed!

  6. oh wow, our little home has arrived! We look forward to seeing where it is released.

    and my oh my look at those hot cross buns. They look so much yummier than the store ones.

    Love your blog and how clever you are ...x

    Kellie xo

  7. The hot cross buns look amazing! Glad your little one has bounced back. Ear aches are so horrible for them...poor little things! xxx

  8. Much sympathy to the little one with earache - we've been there so many times. Well done him for smiling at the doctor!

    Fab hot cross buns too. I could just eat one of those now, they look so delicous... maybe two...

  9. Oh yum, look at that hot cross bun goodness. Hope your little man is better soon. I have a great recipe for earache for future ref (although I hope you never need it) - just warm some garlic in olive oil, strain and drop into the ear at body temp - works a dream :)


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