Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hair ties

Look what I made!
Sorry about the dodgy photo! Its really difficult to take a photo of the back of your head!
And there are a couple more too:

They were ridiculously easy to make! In the future I am thinking bookmarks, hair clips, hair ties, magnets, push pins and lots lots more.
... I'm thinking birthday presents or party favours for little girls.
... I'm thinking Christmas presents for preschool teachers and nice little added extras to throw into presents for friends.
... AND I'm thinking that this could become seriously addictive!

CHALLENGE# 29 (Decorate some hairclips)- COMPLETE

Edit: Oops! I had a scheduler malfunction! This post was meant for tomorrow, but its out there now so ENJOY!


  1. Cute!! are you going to start a felt shop? I'm thinking you totally should :)

  2. Love them. I agree. You should sell them on felt - I would buy them for miss 3 :)

  3. Gosh, these look amazing. You say that are easy to make, but not for someone like me LOL! I think your creativity is fantastic...

  4. Mrs Green- I promise you could make them! They really are simple!

  5. too sweet - I love the retro look :) best le xox


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