Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Feijoa Baking Part 1

Yum! Feijoa Loaf. Thanks Bobby Robin pointing me towards this recipe! I made one small alteration by using 1 cup white flour and 1 cup wholemeal flour and it worked really well (might try 2 cups of wholemeal flour next time).
 For anyone in the Northern Hemisphere who is feeling left out, I bet that this recipe would work really well with apple instead of feijoa... just a suggestion...


  1. I wish I had enough feijoas left over to bake with - Mr 5.5 years eats at least a dozen a day!

  2. Great to see you've got stuck in for experimentation. Looks fab and yep, I think I could try that with apple for sure; would make a nice tea bread type meal :)


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