Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tomato Relish Recipe

I promised this recipe to Fay of Imagination Overload and was about to email it
to her when I thought "what the heck!? I'll share it with all of you too!"

Here's how to make a very yummy tomato relish:

  • 6lb ripe tomatoes cut into large pieces (chunks will soften but not really reduce down in size, so cut to the size that you would like in your relish)
  • 2lb onions finely chopped

cover with ½ cup of plain salt and leave overnight (cover as it stinks)

The Next Day:
Drain well, barely cover with white vinegar and bring to the boil
Add 2lb sugar and 12 (yes 12 chillies or as many as you like) OR ½ - ¾ tsp of cayenne pepper

In a separate bowl:
Mix together
2tbsp Curry powder
2dsp Mustard powder
3tbsp Cornflour with a little COLD water
Add the mixture to the vegetables and boil for ½ hour or until the relish reaches a consistency that you like.
Bottle and seal

(makes about 6 x 1lb jars or there about)

This is recipe is for red tomatoes, it is not the green tomato relish that I posted about the other week. I have made 2 batches of green tomato relish recently. One using this recipe and the other using this recipe... both are so good that I still haven't decided which is yummier!

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