Thursday, 31 March 2011

Op Shop Goodies

I would class myself as a bargain hunter as I rarely buy things for full price. 
When we first moved to New Zealand, we though about buying a few bits and pieces from Op shops, but were put off when we went to a Sallies shop which gave pride of place in the window to a minging sofa with a HUGE gaping hole on the seat. 
When I was pregnant, I was determined to buy baby items on trademe, but I often found that with a bit of careful shopping I could buy new items for the same price (if not cheaper) than I could on trademe. I quickly gave up on even trying trademe for most items.
Today marks a significant day, my first successful foray into the world of Op shopping. Look at the goodies that I bought (Yup Miriam and Deb, I put wee man in the frontpack and toddled back to the Sallies shop after coffee this morning...)
These don't fit, but I'm sure I can turn this stripey cord into something cool... a bag maybe?
Not sure I'd wear this either, but I love the print and I'm sure I can do something cool with it
Cool toys for Wee Man
Lots of sewing goodies... zips, poppers, ribbon, lace etc...


  1. Oh Girl I am IMPRESSED and slightly jealous I obviously didn't spend anywhere near enough time in the craft section. I feel so proud of you )and us for helping you through the front door)!! Great buys - watch out you'll be addicted now. Creative junk next time too me thinks!

  2. yay! I went over there to have a squiz before I left too. Restrained myself and didnt buy anything though. I really like that top you found!

    So nice to meet you today, your little man is such a sweetheart

  3. haha that's so awesome! I think next time we should definitely go opshoping again. WAs great to meet you, I so enjoyed this morning xx

  4. Hiya :)
    I popped over from the BMB commenting group. What fab finds you had. I've never heard of opshopping, but I'm like a bloodhound in a charity shop. Most of our clothes and toys comes second hand. LOVE those trousers :)

  5. Hi Mrs Green and welcome!
    Op shop is what Kiwis call charity shops (It stands for opportunity shops). There are some really good finds to be had in many of them.


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