Friday, 25 March 2011

I'm Loving...

Today I'm loving toothless grins and infectious laughter.

I can't quite believe it but my wee man is 3 months old already. He is growing into such a great wee character. He has an easy smile, which he shares with all who are interested. His giggles and squeaks are infectious and he make even the grumpiest of people stop and smile.

Also loving Rascal's toddler talk. Great vocabulary, a constant source of surprise as to what she will come up with next and words clear enough to be understood, but still incorrect enough to make you smile inside:

efening= anything
bumble de bee= bumble bee (no idea why, but this one always makes me smile)
hadocato= avocado
heffelent= elephant
... to name but a few...

Use the button below to pop over to Paisley Jade's and see what everyone else is loving.



  1. Such a cute pic - and wonderful idea writing down how they pronounce things! I was just trying to remember the other day how one of my boys said banana and had forgotten!

  2. How ovely is that smile!!!??!! I tried to record all my littlies words up to the age of 2 - then it got too hard to keep up. I love those little quirky ways of saying things


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