Saturday, 5 March 2011

I'm Loving...

This week I am taking pleasure from the simple things in life...

A piping hot cup of tea that I actually managed to drink before it was lukewarm... AMAZING!

Fun mail from strangers.

I LOVE snail mail handwritten letters and postcards, so you can imagine my delight at having been chosen as a recipient of Kellie from 74 Lime Lane's random acts of kindness postcard which she sent as part of the creative collective's February project. Thank you Kellie, I LOVE it!

I am enjoying the peace and quiet of two sleeping children and the chance to sit in the sun and enjoy these things in combination.

Finally, I am loving the fact that I have completed a softie for Christchurch. All will be revealed in my next post!... Now to make some more...

As in previous weeks, I am linking up with Paisley Jade . Hop along and see what everyone else is loving.



  1. Love a surprise hand written letter, how lucky are you!! Love Posie

  2. Love having a hot cup of anything, crazy how much that means when you have small people around!

  3. I love my cups of tea - treasure each one (especially hot!).

  4. So happy to be able to bring a little sunshine your way. Sending snail mail is just as much fun as receiving it I think!


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