Friday, 11 March 2011

I'm Loving... (and a progress report)

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to chart my progress in integrating into life as a SAHM in a new town. Today I am loving the baby steps of progress that I have made.

On Monday I took my children to a local music group for the first time. Wee man slept peacefully through it and Rascal sang, clapped, danced and listened- she loved it! Although I was a bit apprehensive about going, I discovered that I actually already knew quite a few of the Mums present. I'm loving how a little bravery leads to good results. Next week we'll definitely be going to music again and I'm thinking we'll invite a couple of the other mothers and children round for a playdate afterwards. Who knows, we'll maybe even go to another new playgroup on Thursday.... Did I really say that?

Another thing that I'm loving is getting into my crafting and blogging groove again. As with so many other NZ bloggers, I have found it difficult to concentrate on either of these pursuits over the last few weeks. It feels really good that I have a second Softie for Christchurch completed and ready to send. Especially as in making it I not only managed to complete yet another one of my blogging challenges, but also got over my phobia of my sewing machine (just look at that beautiful stitching!).
Oscar the Owl
Oscar's back

I'm joining with Paisley Jade again. I wonder what everyone else is loving this week?


  1. Well done!!! Your softie looks amazing!!

  2. Oh what a cute owl, some very lucky child is gonig to cherish their beautiful new softie, love Posie

  3. Well done on getting out to a music group and I love your little owl, so cute!

  4. Well done-going to a new activity can be hard, but so worth it. Love the Owl!


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