Sunday, 27 March 2011

I did it!

I conquered my zip phobia and look what I just made:

The credit for this feat goes to this tutorial, which gives really clear and easy instructions.
It will take a bit more practise before I am satisfied with the finer details, but with a bit of practise I could probably even make pencil cases or something similar as presents for Rascal's friends.
RIGHT! I'm off to practise some more!

CHALLENGE #37 (Learn to put in a zip) - COMPLETE


  1. it looks great! Cat's tutorial was one of the first sewing 'challenges' I did last year- it was soooo exciting when I made my first one and it actually worked! have fun making more :)

  2. Good on you, it looks fantastic. This is something I would also like to master this year. I know I was once capable of putting zips in as I remember in my teen years at school doing them.

  3. It looks great. This is something I too want to master this year. I know I was once capable of doing so as I remember doing a few things with zips in them back in my textiles class at high school, oh so many years ago now lol.

  4. It looks great! I love that tutorial.

  5. It turned out lovely, I adore the inside, it matches so sweet with the outside!
    I threw your notes in the big Giveaway hat, fingers crossed for you!
    Your Dutch is great, btw =^.^=
    Have a sweet Sunday xx

  6. YAY! well done a challenge and a gorgeous little purse. Go you!

  7. I brought a bunch of zips today and am determined to conquer my zip phobia. I'll have a look at that tutorial you used!


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