Thursday, 17 February 2011

Challenge #26- Make a Cuddly Elephant

I have decided to alter challenge 26, which was originally to "Make a soft toy for Rascal", as I feel that both of my children have plenty of cuddly toys. Instead, I have decided to make a cuddly toy and donate it to Hugs to Hold. This initiative is run by the wonderful Miriam of MakeItGiveIt - Let it Shine which aims to unite children from flood affected areas of Queensland with some love in the form of cuddly toys.

Hugs to Hold
Over the last few weeks, I have been trawling the internet looking for free cuddly toy patterns. I could've used the owl pattern that Miriam posted (but where would be the challenge in that?) Finally I came across this post and using their animal templates as a basis decided to be brave and design my own toy. Not being one to make life easy on myself, I decided that I could think of no better animal to make than an ELEPHANT!

Phase 1: Draw a pattern
This was actually fairly easy to do (even for someone as artistically challenged as myself). As well as the basic elephant shape, I drew a line on the pattern to indicate roughly the size of the gusset (unfortunately this is not shown in the picture).
The Template

Phase 2: Choose some fabric and cut it out.
We just happen to have loads and loads of blue fleece fabric lying around at our place. (I bought it one time on impulse at a market in The Netherlands and have been using it for random projects ever since).
The original drawing does not include a seam allowance, so I added about a centimetre on all sides.
At this stage I ended up with 4 pieces of fabric: 2 side pieces which are opposite to each other and 2 gusset pieces which are opposite to each other.
Two Side Pieces

Two Gusset Pieces

Phase 3: Make a Prototype
Ever the pessimist when it comes to my crafty endeavours, I decided that it was best to make a prototype to see if my design worked, so I loosely tacked the pieces together and stuffed the elephant very roughly.
The prototype
Making a prototype gave me the opportunity to play about with the pattern . I adjusted the height of the gusset and decided to give the feet and trunk some volume. I sewed small circles to create proper feet (note that the front foot is different to the back foot in the photo. The finished elephant will have 4 feet like the back foot).
Extra bits and pieces

Phase 4: Unpick everything that I have done so far 
Sew it all together with good stitching and strong thread. For those who are interested, I sewed the two pieces of gusset together first, then carried on sewing round the rest of the body.

Stay posted for the final steps of this project and the finished Elephant!


  1. How cute! I'm taking part in this as well but I have nowhere near your talent!

  2. That's awesome! I am very impressed. AND you just won my cushion cover giveaway - yay for you!


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