Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Challenge #26 - COMPLETED!

It seems very apt that the day that I post about having finished my cuddly toy for a child affected by the Natural Disaster in Queensland, that the 6.3 magnitude aftershock in Christchurch has just reminded me first hand of the fear and insecurity that comes from such events.

Even though hubby was working in central Christchurch and his office has broken glass and more damage, I am glad to say that my family are all unhurt. We are slowly getting reports from friends and checking in on everyone to make sure that they are OK. I am watching the news and trying to remind myself that the news often shows the worst case scenarios.

... And here he is... Earl the Elephant.

He's a bit lopsided and wonky, but as hubby said, "he's allowed to be because he's handmade". I'm pretty pleased with him and I just hope that he will make a child very happy. He was made with love.
Hugs to Hold


  1. Love your elephant! So glad to hear you and your family are safe

  2. Your elephant is so cute!
    Glad you're ok. My DP works in the city centre too and thankfully he made it home unscathed even though his building was pretty wrecked. Keep safe x

  3. So glad to hear you are all safe!
    Cute lil elephant!

  4. Earl arrived with me yesterday...he said the flight was a bit bumpy in places but he's pleased to be in such a warm climate :)

    He is so gorgeous, I can't wait to take him down to the Sally Army with the rest of the Hugs to Hold softies! Thank you so much!!


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