Friday, 28 January 2011

Giveaway Reminder

*** This giveaway is CLOSED ***

Just a quick reminder that my giveaway closes on Sunday 30th. A winner will be chosen on Monday or there abouts (you may need to be patient due to a 6 week old baby, toddler and visitor in the house!).
The prize so far (with new and improved lion & pig)
As you can see, the prize is coming along nicely. Four of the five puppets are completed and I must admit to being a wee bit jealous as several have come out far better than the originals. Even though I have made these puppets, I stick by my offer to make other puppets (out of my existing designs) if your child has a particular favourite.

Can't wait too see who the winner will be...

While I'm busy with reminders, I still have 3 places open in Pay it Forward so if you are interested in taking part, just let me know! I'd love for you to join me.

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  1. these are gorgeous, too bad i missed your giveaway:( they remind me of some I had when I was small! jenny xxx


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