Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Booties Galore!

With less than one week to go until my due date, my thoughts are turning more and more to the baby (can you tell from my recent knitting?!)
I'm even becoming confident enough with my knitting to do variations on a theme
One of the main questions is "am I having a boy or a girl?". We chose not to find out at the ultrasound scan and I am very happy with that decision, but it doesn't make me any less curious! The old wives tales come out firmly in favour of a boy. Any dreams I have about the baby are about boy babies. My pregnancy has been quite different to my pregnancy with rascal and my bump is a different shape, with weight gain targeted at my bump rather than my bum and thighs.

For all the wondering, I would LOVE to have another girl (rascal is convinced that she wants a sister) and a boy would be AMAZING! It doesn't matter to us, I just want to know!

In between knitting booties, I am trying to decide what challenge to try next. The finger puppets are sounding quite good (a small project that can be done in stages) or I suppose we should get moving on the dough Christmas decorations... hmmm... decisions decisions...


  1. Love the booties, very cute!
    Out of curiosity did you find out if Rascal was a boy or a girl before she was born?
    We found out for this one but not sure if I would next time or not...

  2. We only found out what sex Rascal was when the midwife plonked her on my tummy and asked if I could see what she was... the only thing that went through my exhausted head was "Oh no, that means I have to lift my head up again..."


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