Sunday, 5 December 2010

Think I've started nesting...

So it is finally beginning to sink in that this baby has got to come out one of these days. My mother-in-law gave me a talking to this morning for being so negative and being convinced that this baby will come late, so with exactly one week to go till my due date, I finally decided that I should get my act together and get organised.

I am aiming to have a homebirth. Rascal was born in hospital, but I have various reasons for believing that I will be better off at home this time. Last time everything was going along really well until I got in the car to go to hospital. At that point everything slowed down dramatically and it took drugs to get the contractions back up to a suitable level. I am in no hurry to repeat that experience.

Today we put up the birthing pool; made a birthing mat, changed our plans as to which room I will give birth in (due to problems with the length of the hose); tidied the house a bit; put up the bassinet and generally sorted the baby stuff. I wouldn't go so far as to say that we are ready for the birth, but we are definitely a few steps closer.

Its pretty exciting to think that within the next 3 weeks we will have a newborn in the house (see... there I go again, preparing myself mentally for bubs keeping us waiting!)


  1. hurrah!!!
    1. homebirth. yessss!!! :)
    2. my baby (i'm hopeless, still calling him a baby!) was due this time last year and made us wait til the 16th. i canNOT believe it has been a year....

    My tip for the birth = don't be scared. fear is your worst enemy and causes all sorts of nasties. labour is powerful...but necessary and normal. as much as possible, go WITH it.
    and ENJOY!!!
    "Every child has but one beginning" -make it wonderful.
    all the best, Dee xx

  2. Well done on the prep and good luck for the home birth. Hope everything goes smoothly. And enjoy your brand new baby when he/she decides to arrive :-)

  3. Well done for getting it all sorted. I had one at home (1st one) and 2nd in hosp (only just) but I don't do normal at all so I'm nothing to go by. Hope the birth is all your could hope for and more (in a good way!)


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