Friday, 31 December 2010

The Finger puppets continue- Challenge #28

I've been continuing with the finger puppets and have had some mixed success. The teddy bear, chick and goose have turned out pretty well (my favourite bits are the webbed feet, although the chick still needs some red ones...)

My first attempt at a monkey wasn't so good... When asked what he thought it was, hubby said it was a bear... oops!

Is it a monkey, is it a bear???
I had a second attempt at monkey and I think you'll agree its much better.
Another design that wasn't so successful was my kiwi. Hubby didn't have a clue what it was supposed to be and guessed that it was a monkey... what do you think does it look like a kiwi?
Does this look like a kiwi to you?
The problem is that each time that I finish one finger puppet, I think of another design that would go perfectly with the ones that I have already made... oh dear, this could become an addiction! I may have to set myself a limit as to the number I am going to make, otherwise I am going to be making these forever!!! I think I may settle with the bird set that I have already made (although I still have to determine whether the kiwi has a place in the set or not!)
A complete set of bird finger puppets


  1. These are so ADORABLE!!! I'm what you could call "craft challenged" but a huge admirer nonetheless. I almost want to go to Spotlight and get the material to make them. My daughter would love these.

  2. Do it! Get yourself down to Spotlight and give it a go! If I can do it, you can. I never saw myself as a crafting type, I always did Music instead of Art at school, the important things are:
    a) Give it a go
    b) Don't be afraid of failure
    c)If your first attempt is no good, try again but learn from your mistakes.


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