Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Couple of Extra Wee Swaps

I had such fun making my ornaments for the Christmas Ornament Swap that once I had made enough for the swap, I made a few extras. Some were given to friends, some were kept for our tree and a couple turned into unofficial swaps. I thought I'd share the products of these swaps.
I sent a Rudolf to each of the recipients of my handwritten letters (challenge 21). One of these friends was so taken by the idea, that she sent back a whole family of reindeers... how cute are these! Each one was labelled as a member of our little family: Dad, Mum, Rascal and Bubs. My friend said that she had tried to make each one look like us (I guess this means that hubby and I have bright red sparkly noses and rascal and bubs have scarlet noses!).

I also had a request from the blog-o-sphere for an extra little swap. Having seen pictures of Rudolf, Katie from Mummy Adventures asked if I would like to do an extra swap and I was happy to oblige. This is the beautiful picture frame that she sent... Aren't I a lucky girl!!! (I should have taken a photo of the beautiful packaging, but I was too impatient to open it (OOPS sorry!) Anyway, pop over to her blog and see the great scrapbooking and craft that she does you can also meet her gorgeous little man!

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